Vending Machine Business

 CafeLo helped me invest for another venture... AUDIO DYNAMICS (lights, sounds and special effects) so you could just imagine gano kalaking investment yun (a million wouldn't make it) and they helped me start off. -Sherwin Cabigon
It helps my business magnifying its market, for it strongly responds to the community’s demand and customer’s standard of buying coffee. As of now, majority of my customers from subdivisions, condominiums, apartments and residents of closer avenue and area, seek product that can pass from their standard and desire, as well as low price and presentable products, considering its high tech vending machine, imported brand and a taste of highly competitive – a taste of real aroma, as our business have reached its identifying status. These status of our products created a captured market for a period of short time, around my little scale of business. In addition, new product even a product from other countries can not be easily introduced to local market, commercial scheme, big fund, and competetive status and others concepts have to be taken into consideration, to create captured market. But, our consumable products with its innovative concepts of businessing coffee have caught easily the standard of buying coffee of our consumers in the society even without using the magical influence of media, time will come that our vending machines can be seen in every corner. Now, for a period of short time its market has expanded domestically and extensively, with a status of like a delicious hot cake, that is affordable to all. Because of these trends, as a co-partner of Think Twice Trading, my market has expanded. Finally, it also gives important help to our community and society, to respond for the great need of presentable, affordable, branded, and delicious coffee. Because, coffee is not merely part of our daily breakfast, but rather it is a part of life. -Ariel E. Resurreccion
CafeLo company give us the opportunity to earn income and have a tremendous progress in our buss. We have increased our revenue. With the help of our very supportive and costumer oriented CafeLo suppliers it gives us the opportunity not only to earn income but also to help people to earn income selling our coffee vending machines and coffee in the most affordable way. It’s not only for big scale buss but also for small and medium enterprises. What good thing about these coffee vendo machines even big clients really invest on these coffee vendo machine its because the income ang laki talaga ng kita esp placing the machine in the right location . Mas malaki pang income for a normal employee and even our for small and medium clients natuwa talaga sila sa income selling there coffee for only P5.00/cup but they earn more. "I enjoy working with your company." Think Twice is the best company ever . ANO MAN ANG GAWIN KO ETO PARING ANG NAGIISANG NEGOSYONG BINABALIKBALIKAN KO . It really helps our buss grow, return of investment ang dali at the same time we have everyday income. Napakali ng nagawa ng CafeLo sa aaming buhay . Of course hindi mangyari to bec we have the support from our CafeLo suppliers 100 % thumps up kami sainyo .and last it’s the joy of bringing our clients the smile and happiness for every cup of coffee theyre drinking Thank you CAFELO FOR GIVING US THE OPPURTUNITY TO EARN INCOME , to let us fill that were part of the family and also spreading the buss to others. -Mike
 I started from one tea time coffee and choco machine,and i invest a little. just because my just one year i become a successful distributor in my community and still,i decided not to go abroad,i think i am satisfied enough of staying here in our country with my family and this bussiness that give me a chance to success.more power to all. -Teddy Lopez